Aeroklas U-Box Gravity


You’ve assessed your storage needs and realised you don’t need a full canopy. A heavy-duty lockable storage box will provide ample space for all your smaller valuables and expensive equipment. An Aeroklas Gravity Ute Storage Box could be the answer for safety, security, and peace of mind for your tools.

The Aeroklas Gravity Ute Storage Box is made from a tough, high quality Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE). This surprisingly lightweight material is a fortress of durability against almost anything it’s subjected to. MDPE is the same base material used for your hot water pipes, so you know it’s going to last the test of time. It’s a non-corrosive material which makes it unaffected by exposure to salt, oxygen and chemicals.

Offering long lasting UV protection and resistance to high temperatures, you don’t have to worry about finding a park in the shade every time. Any sensitive tools and instrumentation is kept cool and uncompromised. It’s also water and dust resistant, so you’re keeping all the other nasties at bay too.

Ensuring your most precious items are locked down and protected when you’re not around, the Aeroklas Gravity Ute Storage Box comes with a high-quality locking system. And the solid keylock handle is protected from tampering by the overhanging lid.

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