Roller Covers Range

Got your back

If it’s become a 4x4 problem, Aeroklas has researched and developed a solution for it - that you can be sure of. The Aeroklas Roller Cover is an affordable entry level answer for covering and protecting your load against theft and the elements, especially if you don’t need all the space of a canopy.

Impenetrable and Lightweight

These roller covers feature a black anodised premium grade aluminium body which is designed to be tough and impenetrable yet light weight. The adjustable spring tension roller system allows you to create an opening speed that you’re comfortable with.

Three Stage Locking System

This roller system also includes a three-stage locking mechanism and pull strap for easy opening and closing. Water from rain and washing won’t be a problem for these roller covers due to an integrated 4-point drainage system for maximum water dispersion.

Your 4x4