Big deal out of small business

As a sole trader or SME, we understand that every moment without your vehicle on the road, is a lost opportunity to make money. So, we place the utmost importance on faster turnaround times. We make sure your ute spends the least amount of time in our fitment centres as possible, to be ready and out on the road helping you to work hard and play harder.

Quality can be quick

What we achieve through speedy service is never compromised for quality delivery of our offering. So how do we do what we do? Simple. With all our products in the one place, there are fewer delays and everything’s in stock. That means it’s all been pre-checked for quality control and consistency. We also keep a rigid paperwork policy to ensure better standards throughout every process of your fitment. It's the sum of all these measures which ensures consistently high standards of service and favourable timeframes for delivery.

Tailored to your needs

We understand, no two businesses are alike, each has its own way of managing things and running jobs. That’s why Aeroklas Fitment Centres were created. We access what it is you need to do with your ute, which tools you use most and those that can be stored at the back, out of the way. Which items need locking more securely, and others that just need tying down for a quick trip across town. That’s what a true small business solution is all about - making sure things don’t just work, they also work for you.