A natural progression

Adding the Flexiglass FlexiSport canopy is like a professional athlete experiencing an injury free off-season. They get to build on their foundations and add to their already imposing frame with a deliberate and specific plan. By adding the FlexiSport, you're adding extra muscle, so you can carry more equipment; it’s another tool to rely on for the win. That’s because we work with manufacturers to ensure a seamless transition throughout, from their materials and finishes to ours.

The solid pro

Hard wearing premium-feel, felt lined interior protects on the inside. And the toughest fibreglass exterior is finished with a high gloss colour-coded paint to match your ute. It all adds up to a canopy that was born to perform day-to-day, year-on-year, whatever the weather and however you choose to play the game.

Add-ons all add up

With over 70 years of market leading knowledge and experience creating integrated canopy solutions to utes, accessories options are not an upsell, they’re a considered upgrade. The FlexiSport comes with solid roof bars allowing you to add cross bars and accessories including FlexiRacks and Rhino Racks rated up to 150kg, for those extra heavy-duty hauls. You can also add security mesh on windows, pop-up pressure or rotary air vents, matching heavy duty tub liners and mats. Essentially, transforming your canopy into a highly versatile, utility player.

Other Options


The FlexiSport canopy features remote central locking to the rear door, along with many other great features.

FROM $3,599 RRP

FlexiSport Premium

The FlexiSport Premium canopy features full central locking to side windows and rear door.

FROM $3,999 RRP


Aeroklas canopies lead the market, with world class manufacturing and technologies for double shell canopies.

FROM $3,699 RRP


The FlexiEdge canopy features smooth high gloss finish complimented by an aerodynamic cab high design.

FROM $2,999 RRP


The FlexiTrade canopy features a smooth high gloss finish and a raised roof for maximum storage.

FROM $3,299 RRP