FlexiEdge Range

Give your vehicle the edge with the FlexiEdge canopy, a feature rich addition to your ute that looks great while bringing more functionality to the table. With the market leading knowledge and experience Flexiglass products are famous for, you get a seamlessly integrated canopy solution for your ute. What’s more, nothing is compromised with your ute’s stability and integrity, thanks to a C-clamp drill-free installation.

Edge in, Edge out

Constructed with an aerodynamic cab-high design finished with smooth, glossy colour coded finish, the FlexiEdge is your go-to for the tough seasonal Australian weather. A tough-built fibreglass exterior and durable felt interior combine to add to your already formidable ute. The tinted safety glass windows reduce glare and temperatures inside your canopy, so your tools and any sensitive instrumentation don’t fry in the hot Aussie sun.

Edge on accessories

The FlexiEdge comes with a fixed pane front window as standard, but you can upgrade to a sliding window for added airflow, plus it’s easier to clean those hard-to-reach places. You can also add pop-up pressure or rotary air vents, security mesh on windows to ward off potential theft; and other hard-wearing extras like matching tub liners and non-slip mats to help protect your prized ute.

Other Options

FlexiSport Premium

The FlexiSport Premium canopy features full central locking to side windows and rear door.


The FlexiSport canopy features remote central locking to the rear door, along with many other great features.


Aeroklas canopies lead the market, with world class manufacturing and technologies for double shell.


The FlexiEdge canopy features smooth high gloss finish complimented by an aerodynamic cab high design.


The FlexiTrade canopy features a smooth high gloss finish and a raised roof for maximum storage.